Swept Away

Swept Away is a Italian adventure comedy-drama film written and directed by Lina Wertmüller and starring Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato.
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This is a classic movie from the s. It is a comment on the power play between men and women, rich and poor, socialism and capitalism, etc. I remember seeing this movie in the 70s when I was a kid and it was aired on PBS and it was followed by panel discussion. It was considered quite controversial. I think the cinematography and the music are quite beautiful. The "remake" of this movie, by Guy Ritchie, was bad I think and pales in comparison to this wonderful original movie. I had seen this film once before years ago and took it for just gender politics.

Then I wanted to write a paper on it for my undergraduate Cinema Studies class and when I started to do research, I realized this movie was an allegory for the political atmosphere of Italy in the late 60s and early 70s. Being a young American, I was not aware of the struggles and sometimes terrorism that went on there during that period. Even if you don't know about the politics you can still enjoy it if you can get over the woman being hit constantly it really helps to read what the director said about that, the characters are representations of classes, so it is not about a man beating a woman, but the lower class rising up against their oppressors [ Otherwise, a beautiful movie with terrific actors, especially the ruggedly handsome Giancarlo Giannini with his crazed eyes and stellar performance.

Let's start withn a few important items. This is really a 4. It would be a five star but some scences have lost their punch and the scene where Gennarino almost rapes Rafaella is really now in poor taste. Second, this DVD is only in Italian and does not have the English dub which is weird as the video I have of this film has the dub on it - this really does not matter to me as I always watch the original language with subtitles.

But switch the Italian from mono to 5. Third, the review title is the English full title of this film. This movie has three acts. Act 1 - Status Quo - Rafaella and her friends rent a yacht. Rafaella is an overly opinionated and always ready to tear down anyone else. Rafaella is also very rude to the yacht staff. Gennarino is the one of the crew members that Rafaella loves to demean. The funny thing is that in , her views were very controversial but now she seems very reasonable.

Act 2 - Castaway - Rafaella has over slept to 7 p. Gennarino is told to take her in the rubber dingy. On the way the dingy has motor problems and they go adrift. Eventually they wind up on a deserted island. This becomes a variation of Taming of the Shew. Rafaella is her demanding shrew but Gennarino realizes he holds all the cards on the island and uses them to break Rafaella. The main scene gets ugly when assaults her, rips her clothes off almost rapes her - this is just too much in today's standards. Eventually, Rafaella becomes his willing subject and falls in love with the primal man.

Because he is nothing like the men in her life. Act 3 - Reality - The two are rescued. But their love remains when they return. The question is will it survive reality?

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This is the best film of Italian director Lina Wertmueller. She shows us two disagrable people and then makes them intense and interesting. Giancarlo Giannini is Wertmueller's favorite actor and he give a fantastic performance as out antihero. Mariangelo Melato shows that a shrew can have multiple dimensions. This is a great movie and if you take it in the context of the time made, it is even better.

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Lina Wertmuller at her best. Giannini a true journeyman! Exposes the beast in most men and women. One person found this helpful. Ignore the Madonna remake. Mariangela Melato was and is a stunner. The remastered version enhances the brilliant color of the "Blue Sea of August" and replaces skin scenes deleted from earlier editions for some reason.

The bitchiness of MM inthe first fifteen minutes is irritating, but it establishes her character and is therefore necessary. Florence was still dumping rain and had top winds around 30 mph early Monday, but forecasters said it was expected to gradually pick up forward speed and complete a big turn toward the Northeast. Flooding worries were increasing in West Virginia and Virginia, where power outages also were on the rise.

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