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The Algonquin Hotel is an American historic hotel located at 59 West 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The hotel has been designated as a New York City Historic Landmark. Case remained owner and manager of the hotel until his death in June In October that year, The Algonquin was purchased​.
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Gypsies came to town and stayed four days. Everyone had to watch his money and beware of scams. Government fined local saloon keepers for selling liquor wholesale without the proper license.

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  • Algonquin College student's ex-boyfriend charged with second-degree murder in her fatal shooting;

Hannah Wollert, who was insane, murdered her step-daughter. Later died in a Kankakee Asylum. The village looked for a tramp while the famous Detective L. Benthusen of Crystal Lake solved the murder. For more information, Nunda Herald article. Marshal Dodd served warrants on three saloon keepers in Algonquin charging them with violation of the ordinance by keeping saloons open on Sunday. Two prominent lawyers from Woodstock were fined for doing illegal seining fishing with nets in the Fox River. Frank Minard leaves town after being charged with using dynamite in the Fox River while fishing.

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Bigelow place was tampered with and burglars tried to enter B. Stewart's place on South Main Street. John Sedlacek, who was a wife beater, was visited by a committee of citizens and was asked to leave town. He was given a few hours to leave.

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He left immediately. John Gillilian, early pioneer settler, was murdered in Lincoln, Nebraska. The killer was caught. John was the brother of Samuel Gillilian. He owned a large farm near Route 25 and Algonquin Road. He came to Algonquin a year after his brother.

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  8. Helped build the Pingry Hotel that later became Morton House. Supreme Court upholds the James M Pyott divorce case. His second wife gets no property when it appears she married him for his money. The Pyott property was turned over to his sons when the wife filed for the divorce. For more information, Crystal Lake Herald article. Citizens of the village have a "woman in black" scare. A mysterious woman dressed in black appeared on the streets and followed people.

    Others have seen her, but she has not caused any of them harm. By her actions, people seem to think she is looking for widowers. Newtons were indicted on charges of acting in restraint of trade by fixing the retail price of milk.

    Algonquin man charged with first-degree murder in stabbing death of girlfriend

    Borden and Chapell firms were both located in town in Algonquin. Team of mules were stolen from Robert Crieghton who lives near the village. Horse thieves operated in the village's vicinity and stole from the August Schutte farm a very valuable horse and buggy. Pillinger, who is the town's physician, is almost held up on road from Elgin.

    He got away from the three men who tired to ambush him. Dundee police captured two of the men. The men said they were drunk and only wanted only a ride with him.

    18-year-old college student killed in New York City park

    In the last few years, paintings by Thomson have fetched over a million dollars at auction. How Thomson died, who found his body, its condition, and even its final resting place all remain mysteries.

    Teens missing in Algonquin Park for 4 days found in 'great shape' | CTV News

    Could his death have resulted from something even more frightening? The abundant wildlife the Park helped protect presented a tempting target for poachers, who might be willing to go to extreme ends to hide their illegal activities. Could the trains coming through the Park, carrying troops and goods important for the war effort have attracted spies and saboteurs desperate to hide their subversions?

    The isolation of the Park might also have attracted Canadian and American men attempting to avoid fighting in the war.