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Wallace Aye, and Gomorrah — Samuel R. Bayley Sandkings — George R. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Add to Cart. About The Big Book of Science Fiction Quite possibly the greatest science fiction collection of all time— past, present, and future! We use cookies to improve your experience on our website.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. The Global Competitiveness Report is a much-needed economic compass, building on 40 years of experience of benchmarking the drivers of long-term competitiveness and integrating the latest learnings about the factors of future productivity. The Global Competitiveness Index 4. The index has a scoring system ranging from 0 to , with the frontier corresponding to the goal post for each indicator. Singapore is the nation closest to the competitiveness frontier.

Among large economies, the United States ranks highest and continues to be an innovation powerhouse. The lowest places in the rankings are occupied by African economies who have not yet crossed the halfway mark to the competitiveness frontier. The Index results and country scorecard are designed to help countries assess their performance against their own history as well as compare to others in their region or income group.

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However, the report also tells us more about developments in the global economy that policymakers, business and individuals must understand and proactively manage. What are the top five trends in the global economy as revealed by the Global Competitiveness Index 4. The last 10 years saw global leaders take rapid action to mitigate the worst of the financial crisis, but this alone has not been enough to boost productivity growth.

Since the Great Recession, policymakers have kept the global economy afloat primarily through ultra-loose and unconventional monetary policy. An over-reliance on monetary policy may have contributed to reducing productivity growth by encouraging capital mis-allocation, with banks becoming less interested in lending to businesses, favouring firms that are not credit-constrained, and prioritizing fee-generating and trading activities instead. There is no compensability between the 12 levers of competitiveness— a sound financial system cannot compensate for poor physical infrastructure, just as ICT adoption cannot compensate for the lack of an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

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Countries must pursue all 12 avenues but create their own sequencing strategy to balance and focus efforts, taking advantage of cheaper capital and technology. With monetary policy running out of steam, policymakers must revisit and expand their toolkit to include a range of fiscal policy tools, reforms and public incentives. Exclusive — and perhaps excessive — reliance on monetary policy has also meant that fiscal policy has been largely underutilized, as reflected in a steady decline in public investments globally.

Despite the very low borrowing costs, the public sector has not stepped up investments government expenditure as a share of total gross fixed capital formation in the US was ICT adoption and promoting technology integration is important but policymakers must in parallel invest in developing skills if they want to provide opportunity for all in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.