The Espionage Game

"The most challenging game of strategy ever created!" sayeth the box proof that truth in advertising laws weren't quite so stringent in the early 70's. Espionage.
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When a round starts, one or more kids are chosen to be the referees which can be more fun than being on the teams. The referees get together in a room, determine who will play each role on each team, and then invite each other player in one at a time to tell them what they need to know. Once everyone is told, the referees start the round with an invocation prayer and turn out the lights. Each team has three roles.

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The Captain knows two locations, the meeting place and the jail, plus a password. The meeting place is always inside and the jail is always outside.

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The Captain may arrest players by touching them while saying "I arrest you". Captains are immune to arrest. Once arrested a player may not speak and must go with the captain to the captain's jail. The player must remain there until touched by a player who says they are free.

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The purpose of the game is to get the totem to the goal. Success requires identifying the other members of your team no small feat.

Espionage Chasing Game

Once you have done so, the mate or yeoman, but not the captain, may pick up the totem and move it to the goal. Russian television showed a short clip of the scuffle and said the American was an undercover CIA operative who had refused to show identification before entering the embassy.

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  7. In , 10 Russians accused of being members of a sleeper cell were deported after pleading guilty to conspiracy in a federal court in Manhattan. As part of a deal, the spies were swapped for four Russian prisoners, three of whom were serving sentences on treason convictions. In March , the United States expelled 50 Russian diplomats in the wake of the arrest of Hanssen, who was a counterintelligence expert at the FBI and had spied for Moscow for more than 15 years.

    According to the State Department, Lyskenko was "in a position to be responsible" for Ames' activities as a very productive mole. In the years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Clinton administration, eager to encourage friendly relations and reform, supported the new government of President Boris Yeltsin.

    Before Lyskenko was told to leave the country, the Americans even gave the Russians the option of voluntarily sending him back home. President Ronald Reagan expelled 55 Soviet diplomats in November in an effort to curb espionage. It was the largest number of diplomatic officials to be expelled by the United States at once.

    Spies Like Us: 10 Famous Names in the Espionage Game

    The conflict arose after a Soviet employee of the United Nations, Gennadi Zakharov, was arrested on espionage charges. Daniloff was released two weeks later. The New York Times. Select All Remove News. Home News World North America. AP Since the end of the Cold War, a variety of leaked diplomatic cables, captured operatives and acts of espionage, like this summer's hack of the Democratic National Committee, have served as reminders Russia and the United States continue to routinely spy on each other. A Sleeper Cell In , 10 Russians accused of being members of a sleeper cell were deported after pleading guilty to conspiracy in a federal court in Manhattan.