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The origin of the Fantastic Four was carried out very well. The relations between the members of the Fantastic Four were also described in more depth and emotions than I had expected from the first Silver Age comic. Although the story concerning the Mole Man was sometimes really absurd and naive but honestly, what in Silver Age is not , the overall feeling from the first Silver Age comic is really great!

Durango55 Says:. The one that started them all. Even with it's imperfections, this issue had some many elements in place that would end up defining Marvel. Flawed heroes, spectacular action sequences. Plus a good dislike of the "commies". All we need is some crazy device powered by "magnetism" Fun things about this issue: - the vaguely futuristic looking sewer.

I wonder if he ever got reimbursed? I guess this could be explained with Ben's discomfort at his appearance, as at this team his transformation had happened in the recent past. Makes Sue's future waffling between Reed and Namor in upcoming issues a bit more distasteful. Maybe Sue did have her reasons for waffling Oh yeah, Reed got them in. Launch site Security was a lot different back then. It was so arbitrary when he'd run out of flame. Glad this limitation of his power was eventually disguarded. Tarquinnff3 Says:. Locust75 Says:. This is the grandaddy issue that started it all.

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So, it gets 5 stars from me! Cover me bad - I always wondered who tied up Reed? The monster perhaps? Imperius Rex - When Reed causally tosses the nuclear missle out to sea. He's lucky that Namor has amnesia during this time period! Gentle Ben - On page 13, panel 6 you meet the Ben we all know and love! Check out his swinging pad! Yeah Baby, Yeah!!! Everywhere it is the same! I live in a world too small for me! Bramwell Says:. I absolutely love the first page of this book - it is a great introduction to the early Marvel style of storytelling.

Central City : 3. Good character intros 4.

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Check the three panels at the top of page 7 - beautiful 5. Page 10 is a masterpiece. Great visual balance. Commence creature feature Page 18 - the first Mr.

F parachute : 8. Page 23 - "Now, before I slay you all, behold my master plan! This book may be epic for historical reasons but it also stands on its own. Man, I'm reading these on Marvel unlimited and starting at the beginning, but it's so hard to read some of these early issues. For a first issue, especially during the 60's, it did what it needed to It introduced the heroes, showed off the power each one had, and gave a sort of mission statement That being said, it also had the problems some comics from the 60's had The worst, to me, being how easy they seem to adjust to the powers they were given I know later on, things will get harder, but that would be my only real complaint!

I know the origin story here, but I never read most of the early Silver Age until now going through The List. And since I was aware that some characters started in anthologies, like Thor in Journey Into Mystery, the first couple of pages threw me for a loop. I thought the FF started in their own book, so where's the rocket story?

I actually went searching through the Internet for a few minutes before going back to my tablet and finding out the origin tale was actually shown in a flashback. Seemed like an odd way to start, but you can't argue with history. Schabenc Says:. You just have to love this campy adventure and the origins of the Fantastic Four!

The Silver Age of Marvel Comics has begun! A goofy comic looking back on it in , but it's a nice introduction to the Fantastic Four, an equally goofy team.

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TheAmazingGatorMan Says:. Great first issue of one of the best comic groups in history. It gets 5 stars because the story could be released today with some minor shakeup of the dialogue and it would still hold up today. Amanda Says:. I love how they rush to their meating. Was all that necessary? They couldn't have arrived 15 minutes later?

No, let's melt car and scare people, it's funnier this way. Spernst Says:. Glad the Golden Age style of having several "chapters " or unrelated stories in one mag was ditched so quickly after this one. Why is it that the thing is the only one who sounds like a New Yorker in my head? Ryumit Says:.

Spider-Man: Back In Quack #1

A good fun read with the origin of the FF explained. As mentioned above the only major thing is blocking the cave entrance! I was thinking I heard the narrator while reading. Being new to comics as in this is really my first foray I understand it was the sixties and different, but I still liked it. Black Element Says:. First off, the cover would have been fantastic if it didn't have so much dialog clogging it up. Their first assembly is an entertaining yet dated scene. The Fantastic Four's origin story was the highlight of the issue. Ben Grimm was really bullied by Sue into piloting the voyage.

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Which really adds to this characters tragedy. It also makes Reed and Sue look like complete asses. The Mole Man story was pretty awful, with my two favorite highlights being; "I had heard there was a giant creature guarding this isle" And you thought to withhold this knowledge from the rest of the group why? What does a blind guy have a map?

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Just for this very off occasion? Imperator Says:. GroovyGolem Locust75 original post :. Locust75 GroovyGolem original post :. Aldous Says:. Dang Johnny, you couldn't have stepped out of the car before you flamed on? Sue, you ditch your friend and then scare a cab driver half to death? And Ben, you're the worst of them all!

You could've just walked back to Reed's with your trenchcoat on, but noooooooo you had to make a big show of it and destroy everything you see. These guys are jerks. So it begins. Earth Fantastic Four 1 is completely batshit crazy, juvenile, and nutty. The loneliness of The Mole - and how the FF treated him - were extremely laughable. Case and point, in the last frame of the issue, Mr. There was no place for him in our world The Moleman couldn't be more correct when he said, "Even this loneliness is better than the cruelty of my fellow men!

Cool start to the order, although Stan can definitely be a bit heavy handed with his exposition. Its the first what is there not to love? We all love the Mole man and feel bad for him. Kyle Says:. I think before anyone can call this cheesy, a requirement should be to read some DC super hero books that were put around the same time. RobinHoodMtl Says:.