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Tri-State Area Mad Dog Killer has 6 ratings and 1 review. Lori said: I want to start this review with a couple of points I love self-published books.
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When he knocked on the door, Wilbur Underhill shot him 3 times in the head killing him instantly [2] Fleeing on foot, Underhill became involved in a running gunfight with police. A 2-year-old boy was killed in the crossfire when police fired at Underhill.

He was eventually stopped by a lucky shot to the neck. Wilbur Underhill was convicted with murder, earning him another life sentence, and was imprisoned in Lansing state prison on September 4, Frank Underhill was not charged and, apparently "scared straight" from his experience, never committed another criminal offense for the rest of his life. By the early s, Underhill had become one of the most notorious bandits in Oklahoma. While an inmate in Lansing, he participated in a mass escape with 10 other inmates using pistols smuggled in by Frank "Jelly" Nash and headed for Cookson Hills.

Many of these men later became members of the gang headed by himself and Bailey as they set off on a crime spree lasting a little over six months. Almost two weeks after their escape, on June 16, he and Bailey led a robbery with several other men robbed a bank in Black Rock, Arkansas. The next day, Underhill and Bailey were among several fugitives wrongly named as participants in the Kansas City Massacre , a failed attempt to free Frank Nash from police custody, resulting in the deaths of Nash and the four lawmen guarding him.

Two days later, Underhill apparently acted alone in a bank robbery in Canton, Kansas but rejoined the gang by the time the Bailey-Underhill Gang struck a bank in Kingfisher, Oklahoma on August 9, Three days after the Kingfisher robbery, Bailey was visiting Robert Shannon, father-in-law of Machine Gun Kelly , at his Texas ranch and safehouse when police and federal agents raided the property. Bailey had been passed ransom money from Kelly's kidnapping of oil tycoon Charles Urschel and wrongly convicted in the plot two months later.

With Bailey serving a life sentence, Underhill took charge of the gang. These were followed by bank raids in Galena, Kansas and Stuttgart, Arkansas. Underhill was now attracting national media attention.

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He had been called "Mad Dog" or the "Tri-State Terror" by several newspapers, one even dubbing him The Southwest Executioner, while authorities made efforts to go after them almost immediately following the Okmulgee heist. A special task force was formed, and included armored cars , and searching through Cookson Hills looking for him.

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On November 18, while the task force was still in Cookson Hills, Underhill presented himself at the courthouse in nearby Coalgate and applied for a marriage license under his own name. As part of a wedding present for Hazel, Underhill and several others robbed a bank in Frankfort, Kentucky.

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Edgar Hoover , reportedly frustrated with the lack of progress from Oklahoma authorities, assigned agent R. Colvin to the Underhill case. Colvin soon discovered that Underhill had given his wife's address in Oklahoma City to the minister who married them in order to receive their marriage certificate.

Federal agents staked out the home and spotted the Underhills a week later. Agents at the scene called for reinforcements but, by the time they arrived, the newlyweds had left to celebrate their honeymoon. A few days later, police raided a farm near Konawa where they knew Underhill was staying.

Leslie Irvin (serial killer)

However, Underhill had passed them earlier on the highway and was able to escape before police realized their mistake. Underhill and his gang continued to remain active in the area. Underhill, Jack Lloyd and Ralph Roe attempted to burglarize a bank in Harrah, Oklahoma on December 11, , and robbed another bank in Coalgate two days later. Four days later, a man strike force including federal agents, state troopers and local police surrounded the house.

The group was led by R. When called on to surrender, Underhill began firing resulting in the task force returning fire. Eva Nichols, an innocent woman, was killed in the gunfight and Underhill, barefoot and still in his underwear, ran from the house attempting to escape.

He was hit five times before leaving the yard but ran for another 16 blocks before breaking into a furniture store and collapsing on one of the beds. Ralph Roe, also wounded, was taken into custody with Hazel Underhill. You can get in the minds of both men and feel the frustration as they play cat and mouse throughout the Christmas season of and into April of Watch the killer as he is caught, tried, sentenced to die, and escapes from an escape proof jail. He runs to California and the FBI gets involved and joins the chase.

It's a chase to be remembered. Published April 9th by Author Solutions first published March 16th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I want to start this review with a couple of points: I love self-published books. I read them regularly. I only finished this book because of my interest in the case, seeing as I'm also from Evansville. I also love absurdly bad books and movies. Now to get to the meat of the review: The editing was basically never done. This book should be given to all high school and college students in English classes to show the importance of editing.

Wilbur Underhill Jr.

I see on Amazon that the autho I want to start this review with a couple of points: I see on Amazon that the author has defended her book with something along the lines of "all books have a couple of typos or misspellings. This book couldn't even make it through a whole paragraph without typos or misspellings. There were random quotation marks that weren't part of a quote.

There were quotes that were never closed. There were periods in the middle of sentences.