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June 24, South-East Asian Women – The Best Salespeople On Earth First time Phuket, Pattaya Part 1 · Anonymous Back to Jakarta (But Now In Thailand) Part 4 The Island Part 2 The Rain Season December 31, 10 Months On A Diary Of Six Days In Pattaya Our Dirty Little Secret – The Leftovers.
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It's called The Crocodile's Tail.

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Alison's a Los Angeles-based celebrity bodyguard and kick boxer. The Smiths reunite and, with help from Punya, get into a struggle with the ivory smuggling Tiger Swan gang on the southern Thailand resort island of Phuket. Much mayhem ensues. I've self-published with createspace and the book is available on amazon and kindle. Read a short selection on my Books page or check out the first few chapters for free on amazon.

The first is Pattaya Journal. The Russians are coming. Or are they? This is the story of the development of the city of Pattaya from a sleepy fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand to the number one sex tourist destination in Southeast Asia to the favorite tropical resort of thousands of Russians from Siberia.

The second is The Curse of the Blue Diamond. A Thai-Saudi Murder Mystery. This is the story of that theft which led to seven unsolved murders, revealed massive corruption in the Royal Thai Police force and caused a rupture in diplomatic relations between Thailand and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that still hasn't been resolved. Hope you enjoy them. A Thriller. In my wife and I were chased out of her home in Bangkok by severe flooding. We moved to Pattaya, a resort town an hour south on the Gulf of Thailand.

In the past ten years it has become a top choice for Russian tourists, many of them from Siberia. Who wouldn't want to leave the frozen north for two weeks of tropical fun in the sun? I was fascinated by this mix of people and the ensuing nightly shenanigans on Walking Street, Pattaya's main red light district. I had to write about this place, but I needed someone to carry the story.

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Then I met Gerry Rasmus, an American who has made a life for himself taking care of stray dogs while cleaning the beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien. Zambezi River Bridge. Six months later I got a job with the U. Jun 28, at pm. Jun 24, at pm.

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