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Females can tell how big and strong a male is by his bellow. The bigger and stronger, the better!

Life cycle of the Koala

He rubs his chest against the trees to wipe his scent there. The scent tells other males to steer clear. The eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia are becoming smaller and smaller—as well as farther and farther apart. Long ago, people killed millions of them for their thick, woolly coats.

Koala baby grows up in adorable time lapse

More and more eucalyptus trees are being cut down to make way for farms and towns. And that means the right leaves to eat are getting harder and harder to find. Also, while koalas roam on the ground in search of food, mates, and new places to live, many are hit by cars or attacked by dogs. Koalas get so stressed out dealing with these dangers that they easily become sick from disease.

Many people in Australia are working hard to help koalas. Some rescue koalas that become lost, injured, or ill.

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Others plant trees. Still others teach the public and the government about how best to save the species. Hop aboard an icebreaker ship to learn about wildlife in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica. People long ago thought these unusual birds must have come from some other world: Paradise! Some diamondback terrapins are getting a head start in life, thanks to Maryland schoolkids. A zebra does. But a goldfish rarely—if ever—does. And an octopus definitely does not. Discover more about animals that do and do not pass gas! This fierce-looking Australian mammal has a devil of a name—and faces a devil of a problem!

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Baby Koala With Mom - Cute Koala Joey / Native Australian Animals

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This bone remains doing a defense economy to give itself from direct orders. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2 , On Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, experts said thousands of kangaroos and koalas had been killed in the fire that has now ravaged a third of the island. There are also grave fears for the fate of a subspecies of glossy black cockatoos, of which there were only about to remaining before the fires.

It is not only wildlife that has been ravaged. In Batlow, miles southwest of Sydney, a video taken by a reporter showed the scorched corpses of sheep and cows strewn along a highway. Carcasses like these have raised biological fears around the country. Buchan, a farming region in the southern state of Victoria, has also been badly affected, with farmers having to put down burned livestock at a time when drought had already made earning a living nearly impossible.

Miracle Baby | San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy

Farmers in the nearby town of Bairnsdale said that a cattle sale was planned Thursday to unload their remaining livestock, some of which may be injured. She said she had saved her house, but had no idea how she would make an income in the coming months. Around the country, people have banded together to help feed, find and rehabilitate survivors.

In the fire-ravaged town of Mallacoota , one man says he has rescued nine koalas , for which the community is working to build a shelter. Others have left out seed, water and grasses for dehydrated and hungry fauna. The task for others has been more grim. One woman told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that she was checking the pouches of dead kangaroos for joeys and marking the ones without them so that other searchers would not have to repeat her efforts.

For Ms. Pulis, evacuating her few animals — which had already been rescued, some of them more than once, from starvation, dog attacks and car accidents — was simply part of life.