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The article is based on searches in PubMed with the search terms It is part of the story that Othello is a temperamental character, who In the s, potassium bromide was introduced as the first drug that had a real effect on seizures. The medium of film is far younger than literary fiction, but that does.
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They had been farmers in their native Laos; three of their children died there when they were very young. During the Vietnam War, many Hmong were recruited by the United States to fight the North Vietnamese in Laos; after Laos fell to the Communists in , , Hmong, in fear of their lives, fled the country. The Lees were among them. It took the family until to reach the United States.

Along the way they endured a perilous odyssey that included an attempt to flee their village before being forced back at gunpoint by Vietnamese soldiers, and a later attempt, culminating in a day walk to Thailand, where they spent a year in refugee camps. During these five years, three more of their children died. In the United States, the Lees eventually settled in a modest apartment in Merced, about miles southeast of San Francisco. By the time Ms.

Lia had her first seizure when she was about 3 months old. At Merced Community Medical Center, a resident misdiagnosed her condition. Communication was impossible: the Lees spoke no English, and the hospital had no Hmong interpreter. To them, they saw it as her soul being tampered with by something of a different realm. Perhaps, the Lees believed, Lia was destined to become a shaman herself. View all New York Times newsletters. The Lees did not always give Lia her medication, Ms.

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Fadiman wrote, because they did not want to interfere with qaug dab peg entirely. She was sometimes visited by a Hmong shaman, who performed a ritual that included chanting, beating a gong and sacrificing a chicken or pig.

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Fadiman are used in Hmong tradition to help protect people from malevolent spirits. Ernst said. Ernst had Lia legally removed from the family home. She spent a year in foster care — a time, Ms. Fadiman reported, of great trauma for Lia and great bitterness for her family — before being returned to her parents. In recent years, Dr. In , when Lia was 4, she suffered a grand mal seizure that lasted nearly two hours before doctors were able to bring it under control. At some point, amid the many procedures her condition required that day, an infection set in.

She went into septic shock, and her organs began to fail. By the time she was stabilized, Lia had lost higher brain function. Her doctors expected her to die. She did not die. We leave it to you to decide.

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It is not often that patients who have been declared dead return to life, but it does happen. We explore what is known as the Lazarus phenomenon.

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Could probiotics benefit cats? Insomnia: When I took part in a sleep study. Thousands of LA jail inmates should receive community mental health support. How the 'rubber hand illusion' may help those with OCD. Popular in: Veterinary Which people foods are safe for dogs? Same-sex sexual behavior in animals: Do we have it all wrong? Why are scientists painting stripes on cows? Why are baby pandas so small? In the train an epileptic boy appears. He always stays with one group until he has the next seizure, after which he shyly withdraws. The yer-old Owen Kane has grown up in asocial conditions and slips into crime.

He suffers from grand mal seizures which are preceded by an aura. He experiences the aura as something pleasant and would like to be always in this state. Owen tells this to a runaway monk, Lamb, who wants to be a father figure to him. Out of misunderstood love in a situation which Lamb sees as being hopeless, he drowns Owen during a provoked seizure.

The portrayal of complex febrile convulsions which the little Hanno Buddenbrook suffers during teething is "probably the first proof in Thomas Mann's work for the author's preoccupation with the disease epilepsy as part of his creative development. The teacher Popov's grand mal seizure during lunch, which causes an indescribable tumult among the other patients in the tuberculosis sanatorium, reminds those present that Dr Krokowski, a doctor with a psychoanalytical bent, has interpreted the falling sickness according to the Freudian theory of instincts as the "equivalent of love and orgasm in the brain".

The protagonist is able to get out of doing military service by faking a seizure during the initial medical examination. Among other things, the epileptic seizures of one of the main characters are used to show the others how to cope better with their own problems. Whilst in "La Storia" an epileptic seizure triggered by rape is misinterpreted by the man as a sexual climax with an orgasm, an orgasm in this story which is accompanied by shouting and flailing arms, is said to be more like an epileptic seizure than an expression of lust.

The role of the mentally handicapped older brother of the fictive narrator begins to shimmer between being protected and protecting, e. The year-old Emilie has absences and occasional convulsions which she can induce herself in order to get her own way. She is depicted as being especially bold and daring, thus confirming one line of psychoanalytic literature which states that absences can take the place of the perception of fear. A woman who is supposed to suffer from "petit mal" seizures cannot remember anything about a certain period of time when a murder was committed. Did she commit the crime unconsciously during a seizure or is she pretending to have lost her memory in order to protect someone else?

The second of 7 portraits of men which make up this novel depicts a highly intelligent philosophy student who with, many subtle details, reflects upon his own perception of his epilepsy. Chandler's epileptic girl from "The Big Sleep" is once again involved in criminal activities, but this time they have no connection with her epileptic seizures, which are only mentioned in passing.

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Among the characters who inhabit this fantasy novel are two feeble-minded old maids: twins who say that they had epileptic seizures as young girls and that since then their limbs have been "starved" and stiff. In all three volumes of this trilogy an epileptic dog gets seizures at critical points in the action.

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In this novel we encounter Will Barrett later the ageing protagonist in "The Second Coming" as a young man, a sensitive anti-hero who goes through life as if in a daydream. Epilepsy is not a theme here. An unusual love story between a sensitively portrayed schizophrenic girl and a retired lawyer the "Last Gentleman" from the book of the same name who suffers from episodic unusual states and drop attacks, which are expressly stated as being epileptic "temporal lobe petit mal".

However, the description of the seizures as being of an epileptic nature is unconvincing. The story forges a link between the ethical problems surrounding modern technological medicine, organised medical developments and the medicine of National Socialism. The "status epilepticus" is given as an indication for euthanasia.

Epilepsy motifs in narrative literature. Epilepsy Museum Kork

One figure in the novel has gerontological and psychiatric problems and gets seizures which are convincingly described as being temporal lobe epilepsy. A young man has had a convulsion whose cause was unclear and, believing himself to have epilepsy, thinks that he is condemned to remain single for the rest of his life. The novel gives the false impression that to diagnose epilepsy a CT scan is needed as well as an EEG.

All three stories are about being buried alive by mistake. The author, who himself suffers from epilepsy, intervenes in this book in the debate on epilepsy as a basis for defence in a criminal case. The novel can be read as an educational book on the subject "epilepsy and crime", or on epilepsy in general in the guise of a crime thriller.

In a well-researched portrayal of epilepsy a boy can quell an oncoming seizure by using a kind of autosuggestion. His father had seizures as an adolescent and was cured. OV: V. In his first novel, Pynchon brings in the epilepsy motif which will play such a major role in "Lot 49" only once in an aside when he mentions a poet living on Ischia "who had the misfortune to be both homosexual and epileptic. The metaphorical use of the epileptic aura is suggestively elaborated on and becomes the key metaphor in this highly artificial parody of a detective story.

The perception of an indescribable but apparently familiar smell, "an aura that threatens to go epileptic any second" points to a submerged memory from early childhood; a secret which, if it were disclosed, would be too terrible to survive.

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  • In the story "Lowlands", the presentiment of a marital row is compared to the premonition of an epileptic seizure experienced in an aura. A servant girl has an epileptic seizure; her employers can only find scant reason to sack her and eventually keep her after all. The "epileptic" boy Battus, who repeatedly has to assure himself of the existence and tangibility of the world, falls victim to the fascination of illusions made by an episcope and is turned to stone.