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Nov 15, - Tales of SPH: Personal Agenda. Five different hauntingly brutal tales of small penis humiliation featuring BDSM, medical scenarios, road head.
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A lot of guys have SPH fetish because of their small size when erect, but there are far more chances for guys with very small soft cocks to be humiliated. I have been laughed at in restaurant bathrooms many times. A few years ago when I was in the hospital an Asian male nurse laughed at it when he was changing my hospital gown. It is just that my soft penis is barely a nub, I simply push forward my pelvis and point the nub in the right direction without ever having to touch my penis.

I have a fresh one. I had a medical examination for work. Nothing special, but there is a point when I had to undress myself — not fully naked but underwear. The nurse was actually very attractive young woman in her twenties. She checked my weight, height, blood pressure etc and then she started with the questioner. At some point there was a question really unexpected if I have any moles or skin changes on my body.

I have a mole on my upper thigh right next to my balls. This got me really stressed. She said she needs to see it and asked me to pull down my shorts. I was standing there naked and she was squatting in front of me.

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She was so close I could feel her warm breath on my tiny cock. I shrunk so much, there was less than an inch of foreskin out. That was super embarrassing. She said that she needs me to lie down on the bed to see it better. I was there on the bed fully naked waiting. I have never been humiliated like that ever before.

She just looked at it and said that I should get that removed. The nurse told me that I can get dressed now. Would love to tell my story share my pics and all the videos of me sucking and I have one of me getting fucked!. Some women at work were all laughing today. Who knew this stuff existed? They made jokes about how he must have a small dick. I kind of had to laugh along with them at this guy to keep my secret. It was humiliating, but also hot. She was watching TV and went to get a shower.

My plan was to use a cold water so my little friend would get even smaller. After 10 min flush with icy water I was quite satisfied with the results. I went to the bedroom and on my way I told her I am ready. She replied that she wants to see rest of that TV show and she would join me in 15 min. As I have some more time I have realized I could do better and I opened the window.

Before she joined me a was naked on the bed for about 20 min. It shrunk so much I was really surprised. Balls were all in, there was basically nothing left of them and my penis was just a 1cm foreskin sticking out. When she walked in and looked at me she was shocked. I could tell for the very first time that there was something odd about her face expression. She looked actually sad and really disappointed.

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She just left after saying this. The way we played it was if you were the odd one out you had to take off an article of clothing. It sort of worked, one of them was dressed as Wonder Woman and she was topless pretty quick. The other was dressed as Beetlejuice and had a full three piece suit on so she had a big advantage.

Not long after that though I lost my cape and the sandals one after the other and was down to just the leather boxers…loincloth…thing. I held onto that long enough for Wonder Woman and one of the other guys to end up naked, but a few rounds later I was the odd one out and had to give up my underwear thing. Well, they noticed. The Wonder Woman girl was looking right at my dick and laughing so hard we were worried she might wake up the neighbors or something.

The Beetlejuice girl was laughing herself as she tried to shush the other girl. The very first time I got drunk my good buddy Pat had been feeding me drinks all night. Now, Pat and I had been friends a long time. We were on the same basketball team so I had seen his cock before.

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He was very well hung, probably 6 inches soft. Anyways I get super drunk while at a small party at another friends house. I, of course, start to get sick as I just drank a load of alcohol and have zero tolerance. Being the good friend he is, Pat takes me to the master bathroom and tries to clean me up. He convinces me to take my clothes off and that he would just stand outside in the bedroom. So I strip off and have my tiny nub hanging out well not really hanging, more resting lightly on my balls, which are quite large and make my soft cock seem even smaller.

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I start showering and I hear some voices. I realize Jasmine has come into the room, probably looking for Pat as he had been gone a while. I overhear them talking and I assume he is telling her what is going on. Pat affirms and so she peaks her head in. She pulls her head back around the corner and I can hear her laughing super hard.

She was very popular and really sexy. I have masturbated to this event a ton over the years. A few years ago, I was about 29, I felt some strange things in my pants. I had pain near my balls very often. After some time I decided to go to the ambulance and have it checked.

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At this time I was seriously nervous because I thought of a Tumor or something very bad. I had to wait over an hour and then had to go to the doctors room. As I went in a fat woman in her mid twenties welcomed me very unfriendly and told me to go and piss in a cup for her.

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  6. She went out of the room while I got naked down there and passed me something to cover my man parts. Well, and then the doctor came in. A quite nice looking mid 40 woman with eastern accent, which is a turn on for me since I can think. She told me to uncover my man parts. As I did, I was in the smallest state you can imagine. What is their impact on soils, waterways, the air, and nearby food crops? Chris Somerville, director of the new Energy Biosciences Institute, discusses the web of scientific, technical, and social questions that EBI researchers have begun to probe in an attempt to "truly understand" the potential benefits and pitfalls of large-scale biofuel production.

    Campus honors those it has lost 12 September. Events mark countdown to campaign kickoff Largest-ever campus fundraising drive will be launched next week 12 September. None dare call them foodies As an audience with an insatiable appetite for sustainability listened, an expert panel picked over the appetizing carcass of Slow Food Nation 11 September.

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    A week of Constitutional conversation Journalists, judges, politicos, and scholars share the spotlight as the campus observes Constitution Day 11 September. Laurels Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions 11 September. Engineers create new gecko-like adhesive that shakes off dirt UC Berkeley researchers have created the first gecko-like adhesive that cleans itself after each use without the need for water or chemicals. It's the latest milestone in the effort to create a synthetic version of the remarkable toe hairs that enable the acrobatic feats of the gecko lizard.

    March 19 gamma-ray burst was first visible to naked eye Some 7. Michael Baxandall, noted art historian, dies at 74 Michael Baxandall, an acclaimed art historian, author and professor emeritus of art history at the University of California, Berkeley, died in London on Aug. UC Berkeley hosts federal task force on sustainable energy A panel of experts charged with advising the President and Congress on sustainable-energy research and development met at UC Berkeley Sept.

    Researchers showcase automated bus that uses magnets to steer through city streets UC Berkeley engineers took a foot automated bus out for a spin along a one-mile stretch of roadway in San Leandro today Sept. The bus was steered not by a driver, but by a magnetic guidance system they developed. It is the first demonstration of the automated bus moving with regular city traffic on a public roadway.

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    Coming attractions at UC Berkeley for fall Power and politics at home and abroad On the UC Berkeley campus, several events this fall will confront the constitutional questions raised by the current administration's expansion of presidential power in the name of the "war on terror," while others focus on the political, economic, and environmental challenges the next president will face. Morrison Library revives Graphic Arts Loan program UC Berkeley's Morrison Library is reviving a Graphic Arts Loan Collection program that 50 years ago began placing Picassos, Miros and the works of other renowned and emerging artists into the hands of students, faculty, and staff.

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