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Copenhagen Flames Partnership

Most of the time one of the Twin flames is incarnated and the other remains in the spiritual worlds. They are very specific incarnations, soul contracts, sometimes karmic ones.

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Symbolically, from a spiritual point of view, it is indeed the alchemical couple: Isis and Osiris, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. The perfect sacred balance between Yin and Yang each reflecting its aspect and leading to Unity and wholeness. In practice, we are not all Isis and Osiris. Basically Twin flames that unite in the incarnation would, for those of you who know a little astrology, embody the "Plutonic" type of relationship.

It is intense, it is consuming, it is deep, it is transformative but the other one will pull us straight down into the abyss of hell! If romantic relationships are magnifying mirrors, Twin flame relationships are microscopes. Because it is one same soul incarnated in two different polarities, the two partners are very strongly opposed on all levels, while being complementary at the same time. This is the type of relationship where we could say: "I can not live with you but I can not live without you either".

Sometimes the intensity is so strong that one of the two partners will take off often the male partner leaving the other in a vacuum of absolute despair.

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We call it the "Twin flame runner" while the other chases. Twin flames unite for one reason: there is no other relationship that allows such a rapid and radical transformation of the ego and allows such a rapid expansion of the soul. But that comes at a price, because the Twin flame relationship is demanding. It puts our heads in the bucket for us to face our worst nightmares and worst demons.

Yes, this absolutely perfect mirror unearths the deepest and most traumatic childhood wounds of both partners, which implies a complete overhaul of the ego's structure, or even its dissolution.

A Lesson from the Greeks - Chanukah - Hanukkah

While this is also the case in a classic relationship, it generally takes many years or even many partners or many lives to achieve this result. The Twin flame relationship is super concentrated and intense and sometimes in a three year period we come out of it completely transformed. As there is this love-hate aspect in the relationship, the partners can successively attract or repel each other like magnets. This attraction-repulsion is felt in sexuality too, sometimes it is complete symbiosis sometimes it is total repulsion.

Actually, the Twin flame relationship is the opposite of what we could call a romance.

Into The Flames

One of the missions that Twin flames have agreed upon prior to incarnating is to help transmute these patterns for the collective. And hell yeah there is a lot to transmute! In most cases, Twin flames are not long-term relationships, unless at some point the relationship becomes more balanced and more like a soulmate relationship. The Twin flame enters our life to show us our darkest shadows and allows us to face them. Once the lesson is learned, we move on. There is, however, a quality of love in the Twin flame relationship that is indescribable, a love that transcends physical reality, which most often resembles a daily battleground.

That's why Twin flames have so much trouble leaving each other even if it's war at home. It is a deep love, sincere and unalterable because it is Divinity expressing itself through it. If the two Twin flames reach a state of self-realization, mastery, or even enlightenment, then they really embody this alchemical couple that it so fantasized about. A soulmate can be a lover, a friend, a relative, a brother, a sister or someone else in the family. I'm going to talk about soulmates in a love relationship here. Soulmates immediately recognize each other.

Usually at first sight there is an instant physical attraction, an understanding and a fluid and easy communication. It is a much more balanced and harmonious relationship than the Twin flame relationship. Both partners are much less opposed and much more alike. They share the same desires, the same interests and the same goals in life. They bring each other mutual love, tenderness and comfort ; there is often an instinctive and telepathic communication that facilitates exchange and mutual support.

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But all of this does not mean that there are no challenges in a soulmate relationship! In fact, we are also dealing here with this magnifying mirror that will accentuate all the flaws in the other, bring out certain wounds, patterns, sometimes karmic wounds of loss, abandonment or impossible love.

But unlike a Twin flame relationship, soulmates really are on the same wavelength and have a similar way of being. This will allow them to solve their problems with more harmony and benevolence and this might guarantee a certain longevity. Some say that to live a true soulmate relationship, one must reach a certain spiritual maturity and personal resolution. I think that's quite true, but I regularly see young soulmates uniting, in which case the relationship might be often shorter or less exclusive. Anyhow the soulmate relationship allows us to live a love that feels like completion and merging with the other.

A relationship where there is a real mutual understanding that brings warmth and affection that helps the couple to evolve together towards the same goals in life. Twin souls. One could say that twin souls are two souls from the same egg, a little like real twins.

These twins can be of the opposite sex or the same sex, it can be a romantic relationship or another type of relationship. The twin souls are a little like soulmates but very very similar and inseparable, and a bit like Twin flames but without the conflict aspect because they are not two opposite polarities. Sometimes, as in the case of Twin flames, a twin soul will incarnate and the other will remain in the spiritual worlds. This is my case, one of my guides is a twin soul with whom I lived at least one incarnation as twins and who chose to stay in the spiritual worlds to guide me.

It is as if this soul was experiencing the incarnation through me but with a more global perspective than the physical experience. When two twin souls are incarnated and unite, they are basically extremely similar and close to each other, like if there were this unbreakable bond, stuck with superglue.

They love doing everything together, they rarely fight, they sometimes even look a bit alike! In all the types of relationships I've mentioned, it's important not to get too caught up in labels, even though these descriptions can help us understand our relationship dynamics. In all relationships at the end of the day, there is really only one thing that counts: love and above all, self-love. Relationships serve as a mirror to show how it is imperative to love ourselves first if we want to live a harmonious and satisfying relationship.

Trying to fill an inner void, seeking completeness through the other is a recipe for disaster. If we want to live a conscious relationship, it is important to have a capacity of introspection, to know how to question ourselves and to become aware of what the other person is showing us and taking responsibility for it.

We can only really love the other when we have learned to love ourselves and made peace with our shadows. The judge is forcing Nicole to report to Eric at the Horton Center. Eric will struggle when Nicole remains cold toward him, but things will soon thaw thanks to Deimos Vincent Irizarry. Of course, there could be a bit of sexual tension under the surface. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Deimos will put Halo in all the drinks at the shindig. A few sips will leave the partygoers in a wacky state.

Nicole and Eric will find themselves in a passionate lip lock by the end of the night. They may not remember their kiss right after the drug wears off, but you can bet the memory will return at some point. Nevertheless, it could bring back some old feelings.

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Nicole may be torn between her head and her heart. Nicole will certainly be caught in a tricky situation. Days spoilers say Brady Eric Martsolf will create additional complications.