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A lunar colony is founded just as the earth's global order teeters on collapse. The mystery to the first colonists is who, among a small cabal of political, business.
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The so-called "Lunar Library" is a small nanotech device that resembles a DVD, and it's intended as a "backup plan" so that everything we've ever learned as humans doesn't get lost in time, according to the nonprofit behind the idea, the Arch Mission Foundation. The device is installed on Israel's Beresheet lander, which launched last week and is expected to touch down on the moon in April.

Consisting of 25 nickel disks, each 40 microns thick, the archive is built to withstand space conditions.

Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century

An illustration of a tardigrade, or "water bear. More On: moon. Read Next Britain faces food shortages in no-deal Brexit scenario, i Share Selection.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It was just before midnight on April 11 and everyone at the Israel Aerospace Industries mission control center in Yehud, Israel, had their eyes fixed on two large projector screens.

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  8. On the left screen was a stream of data being sent back to Earth by Beresheet, its lunar lander, which was about to become the first private spacecraft to land on the moon. The right screen featured a crude animation of Beresheet firing its engines as it prepared for a soft landing in the Sea of Serenity.

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    But only seconds before the scheduled landing, the numbers on the left screen stopped. Mission control had lost contact with the spacecraft, and it crashed into the moon shortly thereafter.

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    But when the Israelis confirmed Beresheet had been destroyed, Spivack was faced with a distressing question: Did he just smear the toughest animal in the known universe across the surface of the moon? SpaceIL's Beresheet was the first privately funded lunar lander to attempt to touch down on the moon.

    Crashed spacecraft may have left tiny but tough creatures on the moon

    It ended with a crash on April In fact, the decision to include DNA samples and tardigrades in the lunar library may have been key to its survival. Spivack is no stranger to the hazards of space exploration. But when Spivack founded the Arch Mission Foundation in , he wanted to do something different.

    Começando a CASA e os planos para o CARRO LUNAR - ARK MOON #02

    The plan was to create archives of all human knowledge that could last for millions, if not billions, of years, and to seed them across Earth and throughout the solar system. But that storage medium has limitations.

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    Digital technologies and encoding standards are great for compressing lots of information into a small amount of space, but they are also short-lived—how many people do you know who could play a VHS tape today? If you want to create a library for humans thousands or millions of years in the future, your best bet is to keep it analog.

    But analog storage takes up a lot of room. So sending the bulk of human knowledge to space will require a lot of compression.