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Why She Left Us book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The story of three generations of a Japanese-American family whose.
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This work of fiction was a new literary venue for David D'Aguanno to express himself as a serious writer under the pen name David Dennis.

Why She Left Us

Under this pseudonym, he writes about real situations and emotions that people struggle with every day. David D'Aguanno is most known for his over-the-top series of Brett Cornell Mysteries that feature an unscrupulous character by the name of Brett Cornell. David Dennis was born, raised, and educated in Providence, Rhode Island, and chose a career in teaching English in a neighboring city. Ever since he was in fifth grade, he's enjoyed writing stories of one sort or another, and while attending college, he became immersed in the writing of a gigantic fictional family saga.

Much later, he basically extracted one of the sub-plots of that family saga and expanded it into the present novel "Why She Left Us.

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He is ultimately taken to court and vindicated of all charges—but not before Paula shoots him five times, and fails to kill him. She books passage to London, never to return. Brockes learns of the violent pathologies and racial propaganda in which her grandfather was inculcated, sees the mine shafts and train yards where he worked as an itinerant mechanic, and finds buried in government archives the startling court records that prove he was secretly imprisoned for murder years before he first married.

She lives in New York City. Her real bequest to Brockes was the psychological freedom to be able to confront the past without inhibition, and to take straight aim at it.

Ten years ago, she left us and it wasn’t her choice

The gun is this book. In the hands of any halfway decent author, this would be an incredible story: a mother with a mysterious South African past who arrived in England in her early twenties with a beautiful antique handgun and a mission to forget who she used to be. It has the density of a very good novel… As you do with the best writers, you feel lucky to be in Ms.

She is mugged; her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and swastika-wearing bikers roar up.

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It makes the slow pace of the revelations all the more honourable and heartfelt. Vigorously unsentimental, deeply absorbing, and written with fierce wit, it is an unstinting look at what it means to be innocent, at any stage of life, and how obsessively we all seek and avoid the many faces of truth. It deals with some of the grimmest aspects of human experience, but it is also one of the most genuinely uplifting works I have read in years.

She Left Me the Gun deserves to become a classic. A harrowing tale of murder and incest emerges, unfolding by stages in this utterly compelling psychological memoir. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Add to Cart.

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