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Captain Blood (Classics of Naval Fiction). User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict. This title is immediately recognizable as the basis for Michael Curtiz's.
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Forrester 'Let her go to Italy! Look at this letter! The man who wrote it will marry her, or murder her, or do for her somehow. He's a bounder, but he's not an English bounder. He's mysterious and terrible. He's got a country behind him that's upset people from the beginning of the world.

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That the marriage should fail and poor Lilia die tragically are only to be expected. But that Lilia should have had a baby -- and that the baby should be raised as an Italian! In his first novel, E. Forster anticipated the themes of cultural collision and the sterility of the English middle class that he would develop in A Room with a View and A Passage to India. Where Angels Fear to Tread is an accomplished, harrowing, and malevolently funny book, in which familiar notions of vice and virtue collapse underfoot and the best intentions go mortally awry.

And with him, by force, he had taken Tarzan's beloved mate, Jane. Now the ape-man was following the faint spoor of their flight, into a region no man had ever penetrated. The trail led across seemingly impassable marshes into Pal-ul-don -- a savage land where primitive Waz-don and Ho-don fought fiercely, wielding knives with their long, prehensile tails -- and where mighty triceratops still survived from the dim dawn of time. And far behind, relentlessly pursuing, came Korak the Killer. NOTE This book contains a glosasary at the end.

Users of Microsoft Reader versin 1. Enter Lucius Harney, artistic, city guy who for a few months sweeps Charity off of her feet, rescuing her from small town life in North Dormer.

The Odyssey: a soldier's road home

Charity turns out to be little more than a side dish for Harney who goes on to marry Ms. Balch; Charity is left depressed, pregnant and forced to marry the middle-age man who raised her, to save her name. The characters have an amazing, brief love affair, but in the end, there is always some impediment, as in Ethan Frome and The Age of Innocence. For the realists out there, read this book; those who must have a happy ending, stick to fairytales!

This is the kind of insight that makes The Age of Innocence so indispensable. Wharton's story of the upper classes of Old New York, and Newland Archer's impossible love for the disgraced Countess Olenska, is a perfectly wrought book about an era when upper-class culture in this country was still a mixture of American and European extracts, and when 'society' had rules as rigid as any in history. This book was contributed by Kate Halleron. They devise a shrewd bargain: they'll marry and spend a year or so sponging off their wealthy friends, honeymooning in their mansions and villas.

As Susy explains, 'We should really, in a way, help more than hamper each other. We both know the ropes so well; what one of us didn't see the other might -- in the way of opportunities, I mean. How their plan unfolds is a comedy of eros that will charm all fans of Wharton's work. This story is much lighter and faster paced than The Age of Innocence. Nick and Susy are attractive, stylish, and interesting; but alas, they are poor. They meet and are instantly attracted to one another. Each has been used to living from friend to friend, receiving lodging and gifts in exchange for their elegant company, but now what will they do?

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They hatch a plan to get married, enjoy each other under the condoning blanket of matrimony, and live off wedding gifts of money and loaned honeymoon villas for a year or so. Or until either one got a better offer. Unsettled by Anna's reticence, Darrow drifts into an affair with Sophy Viner, a charmingly naive and impecunious young woman whose relations with Darrow and Anna's family threaten his prospects for success. Whatever you think of ' The Reef ,' it contains one of Edith Wharton's most wonderful scenes.

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  • Our 'hero' has been dallying for a while in a hotel with the young girl he picked up on the boat dock, and he's wearying of her. We see his boredom and disillusionment through his reactions to the mere sounds she is making in the next room. He is so familiar by now with her habits and movements that he knows what she's doing without actually seeing her.

    A gem of a scene, in a strange jewel of a book. He is also a man with an extraordinary gift for poetry and versification, as well as the owner of an extremely large nose. He is deeply in love with his cousin Roxanne, but she happens to love Cyrano's friend and colleague, Christian.

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    So, being a good fellow and having a quixotic nature, Cyrano accepts to speak of love to Roxanne, impersonating Christian. Under her window, in the dark, Cyrano recites love poems so well crafted, that Roxanne falls even more in love with Christian, who is the supposed lover. After that, both men leave to fight at war. Roxanne shows up at the siege of Arras, to bring food to the soldiers. There, for reasons I won't spoil here, their love affair comes to an abrupt end, leaving their relationship unfulfilled. What comes next shows the true heroic nature of Cyrano, his strength of character, and his loyalty to his friend, but also to his eternal love for Roxanne.

    This play, which has originated at least a couple of good movies and several tv interpretations, is a homage to the Romantic spirit so rare in our greedy and selfish times.

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    It is full of beautiful images and scenes, and Rostand's writing is perfect for the task. A lot of money can be even more so. And 'Dad' had a lot of money and it came his way by a 'fluke'. Or as Elizabeth says, 'If Dad had been a coal baron, like Mr. Tudor Carstairs, or a stock- watering captain of industry, like Mrs. Sanderson-Spear's husband, or descended from a long line of whisky distillers, like Mrs.

    Carmichael Porter, why, then his little Elizabeth would have been allowed the to sit in seat of the scornful with the rest of the Four Hundred, and this story would never have been written. But Dad wasn't any of these things; he was just an old love who had made seven million dollars by the luckiest fluke in the world.

    Not being a romance reader, I'll be happy to print your synopsis, and credit you for it! Those involved in her ensuing tragedy are sensitive, honest Adam Bebe, implicated by his simple idolatry and his fruitless struggles to redeem her, and Dinah, her devout and constant cousin, who comforts her when all appears to be lost.

    George Eliot adds a poignant, bitter edge to the age-old tale of a woman's destruction through a selfish man's passions, her own weakness and the condemnation of society itself. Mr Stacpoole is an excellent writer with an ability to convey what it would be like to live on a dream island in the south pacific with a girl of your dreams. Excellent characterizations and a tremendous flow of descriptive words.

    Almost lyrical in many respects. His writing sometimes approaches poetry. Other passages are worthy of great pathos.

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    • I particularly liked the kids discovering death, what pure love is like, thoughts on religion. Just an excellent story written in a style that is no longer seen. Rider Haggard Haggard believes that the basis of this story is true, though he can not prove it. The basis is tor story of buried treasure, adventure, romance, danger and the suernatural. Putting all those ingredients together will insure another page turning adventure. This takes him to early Hollywood where he intends to work hard and make great sacrifices to be a star.

      Like the legions of hopefuls who still arrive in this town every day, he has a lot to learn. There she is courted by Frederick Forsyth Winterbourne, an American living abroad. In her innocence, Daisy is compromised by her friendship with an Italian man.

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      Her behavior shocks Winterbourne and the other Americans living in Italy, and they shun her. Only after she dies does Winterbourne recognize that her actions reflected her spontaneous, genuine, and unaffected nature and that his suspicions of her were unwarranted. Like others of James's works, Daisy Miller uses the contrast between American innocence and European sophistication as a powerful tool with which to examine social conventions. And meet Pandora Day, a lovely, young, strong young American. Both are on a voyage from Southampton.

      Both are on their own voyages to discovery and the future. But what does that future hold for each, and how are they intertwined?

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      Or are tehy? The title means 'where are you going? The popular novel was widely translated.