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Another solid page turner by Elizabeth Ferrars. Home of Horror Peggy Robertson thought she had left the small town where she was raised for behind her. Peggy had won honors at college, settled in the city, and now, despite her good looks and comparative youth, already had launched a brilliant career as a scholar and teacher. But now Peggy was coming home…back to a house haunted by violent death and strange mystery…back to a man who was a genius or a devil or both…back to a love that could not be spokeand to a deadly danger that would not be denied….

Peggie makes a minor appearance in the first part of the book after her granny is found dead on the stairs and then goes back home or does she?

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But she does play a bigger part in the last quarter of the book as does a secret romance. Alice never attempted the stairs since her fall. What was she doing on them? Why was the attic door open when Charles is sure David Baldrey, the odd jobs man, had closed it earlier in the day?

Who is this Professor Stacey thats been writing Aunt Alice about researching long dead relatives and why is he here a week before he was expected? Then there is a second murder! Well plotted, lots of good suspects, secrets and illicit love affairs and a grand old house. Good read. Never disappointed by Elizabeth Ferrars. That brings me up to a total of 6, 4 for Silver Age and 2 for Golden Age. And of course Read Scotland as Ms.

Ferrars is Scottish! Patrick Carey, senior lecturer, is, it would seem, no exception. Carey has abandoned her to a state of abject poverty, she claims, and she is none too happy about it. Patrick immediately suspects the involvement of his unstable younger brother, David, a chronic liar who has been known to assume identities other than his own, and he fears trouble. Someone in the department must have given her he is address.

But who among his colleagues could dislike Patrick and his wife enough to cause them such embarrassment? The key to the locked room is found in his flat, and the blunt object that killed his boss came from his own laboratory. Could David be the killer? Could at least one of the murders have been a mistake? Patrick must find out if he is to save his career and clear his brother from blame.

I guessed who, but not the why. A really good, twisty, mystery with lots of good characters and possibilities for the culprit. Never disappointed with Ms. Ferrars books. Fun light read. Virginia Freer is enjoying a brief holiday at the cottage of old friends Helen and Andrew when her estranged husband Felix comes knocking at the door. Painful memories turn up with the irrepressible Mr. Freer — as does his penchant for prevarication, petty theft and amateur sleuthing.

Excellent who dunnit! I especially enjoyed the relationship between Virginia and Felix. You find yourself liking him and rooting for him. Elizabeth Ferrars One of the most distinguished crime writers of her generation, Elizabeth Ferrars was born in Rangoon and came to Britain at the age of six. She was a pupil at Bedales school between and , studied journalism at London University and published her first crime novel, Give a Corpse a Bad Name , in , the year that she met her second husband, academic Robert Brown.

Highly praised by critics, her brand of intelligent, gripping mysteries beloved by readers, she wrote over seventy novels and was also published as E.

Ferrars in the States, where she was equally popular. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine described her as as 'the writer who may be the closest of all to Christie in style, plotting and general milieu', and the Washington Post called her 'a consummate professional in clever plotting, characterization and atmosphere'. She was a founding member of the Crime Writer's Association, who, in the early s, gave her a lifetime achievement award.

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Self's Punishment. The World According to Anna. Wheels of Terror. The Abyssinian Proof. The Camel Bookmobile. The Light of Evening. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories.

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