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Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada is the famous depiction of the Sierra Nevada Mountains published in Clarence King was the first director of the U.S.
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Your Guide to the JMT.

Mountaineering, Rock Climbing & Via Ferrata in the Sierra Nevada, Spain

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Winter is Here. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Avalanche Courses. Learn More about Avi Courses. Winter Mountaineering.

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Learn more about Winter Mountaineering. Winter Backcountry Hut Trips. There are other guide services offering trips in the Sierra Nevada.

Winter campsite in the Sierra Nevada

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At every step along the way, Aaron and Luke made us feel as if our success, safety and enjoyment was their top priority. By far the grandest of all these ranges is the Sierra Nevada, a long and massive uplift lying between the arid deserts of the Great Basin and the Californian exuberance of grain-field and orchard; its eastern slope, a defiant wall of rock plunging abruptly down to the plain; the western, a long, grand sweep, well watered and overgrown with cool, stately forests; its crest a line of sharp, snowy peaks springing into the sky and catching the alpenglow long after the sun has set for all the rest of America.

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Report incorrect product info or prohibited items. Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada - eBook Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Clarence King. Book Format: eBook. Digital delivery to your. Walmart eBooks App. Thankfully, not all of them visit the range on a regular basis. But enough of them do that the good folks at CalTrans have seen fit to provide an ample number of ways to get there. This discussion is aimed to the non-residents who aren't already familiar with the road system here and could use an overview on how folks get from the population centers to the Sierra.

The third largest population center is San Diego, but folks there mostly follow the route taken by those in the southern portions of the LA area. Folks in this southern area generally take US straight up to the eastern side of the range. There is a stoplight at Kramer Junction with SR58 which can create significant traffic congestion at busy times. Lone Pine takes about hrs to reach from LA. If travelling to the west side, I5 to US99 is a straight shot north. If heading to the Lake Tahoe region, going up the west side is faster, but the east side is far more scenic.

In either case, the drive to Tahoe is a long one, hrs by the west side, another hour or so on US In winter, the east side route is sometimes closed above Bridgeport during snow storms. From the Bay Area, access is a bit more complicated. Both of these routes see high traffic on Friday outbound and Sunday returning evenings.

As this can take 8hrs or more, only the hardiest of weekend warriors will make this gruelling winter pilgrimage. Most of the remaining population centers in the state are in cities along US99, having obvious access to the Sierra. The two most populated regions just outside the state are found in Las Vegas and Reno.

Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada

A wide variety of roads provide visitor access to the Sierra Nevada. US, perhaps one of the most beautiful routes in the state, runs the entire length of the range on its eastern edge. US99, in far less dramatic fashion, does similarly on the western edge. All of the above mentioned routes are open year-round, with occasional closures during heavy storms until plows are able to clear the roads. SR across Tioga Pass in Yosemite provides the only east-west crossing in the High Sierra region and is also closed in winter. In addition to the major roads listed above, a variety of other roads provide partial access to the range from both the west and east sides.

On the east side, there are many roads leading to trailheads on the steep escarpment, most of which are closed in winter. More on Sierra Nevada Highways from sierranevadaphotos. The geology of the Sierra Range is complex, formed by a combination of volcanic activity, plate tectonics, and glacial erosion. In the days of the dinosaurs, the Sierra was coursed by a chain of volcanoes similar to the present day Cascade region.

Much magma flowed out to the surface as lava through these intrusions, while even more solidified deep underground amidst immense pressures to form the characteristic gray-white granite that is ubiquitous to the range. Over time, erosion scoured off much of the weaker volcanic rock above the granite, revealing domes and the widespread granite batholith that extends the length of the range. Less than five million years ago the Sierra Nevada began to rise as the Pacific plate pushed under the North American plate. The subduction created a massive tilted fault along the eastern edge of the range, raising the Sierra and sinking the land to the east.

This process is ongoing, raising the elevation of the range yet higher with each slippage of the fault which we experience as earthquakes in this region. In geologically recent times, the Pleistocene Ice Age brought significant glaciation to the range. Rivers of ice carved out their former stream channels and created the sheer walls and hanging valleys found in Hetch-Hetchy, Yosemite Valley, and Kings Canyon. As they retreated, the glaciers clung tenaciously to the north facing slopes of the higher peaks, fracturing and forming the steep north faces found on many of them. The glaciers that remain in the Sierra are but the remnants of this colder clime.

Doing very little mountain carving in this day and age, most Sierra glaciers sit quietly in the shadows of the north faces, biding their time until the next Ice Age emerges. Children Children Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. Mount Rose Wilderness.

Mokelumne Wilderness. Jennie Lakes Wilderness. Tioga Pass Area. Sonora Pass Area. Carson Pass Area. Monitor Pass Area. Diamond Mountains. Lake Tahoe Basin. Yosemite National Park. John Muir Wilderness. Ansel Adams Wilderness.