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Believe with your whole heart and being in what you are saying

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Free Report! People can always research more about it afterwards. But the point of Pecha Kucha is focus and concision.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

So keep your topic light. Organisation can help a lot. Create an outline to structure the story of your presentation. And always stick to one point per slide.

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Once you have an original structure, tweak it. You probably have to edit a lot of your ideas down to fit within the 20X20 format. So streamline your content and focus on the most important points of your message. Instead, consider your audience. What do they need to hear? Simple slides have never been as important as in a Pecha Kucha presentation. Just choose a strong and powerful image and speak over the top of it. This is the format for most successful Pecha Kucha presentations. You audience has only 20 seconds to absorb each slide.

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They want a striking image that hits them with meaning straight away. Practice is perhaps even more important than usual in a Pecha Kucha presentation. The fast flow and inability to rewind or delay a slide means you must know it by heart.

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Perhaps you learn your speech word by word. Or maybe you know the message of each slide and speak about it naturally. Either way, you need to be aware of that constantly ticking timer. It can be tempting to fit as many words as possible into 20 seconds. Instead, give yourself enough time between the words.

Perhaps your audience will laugh and you will take a small break. You need space to breathe and remember your next point. Public speaking is one of the great ways to get your idea across and make a difference. Public speaking will improve you communication skills, your leadership skills, your confidence and your ability to read and understand people, sometimes people need to go through a Corporate Communication Training in order to achieve this level of confidence.

There are multiple other skills you will learn when public speaking that can actually boost your performance and fulfilment in other areas of your life. By standing up and speaking to a crowd you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field and you have a great opportunity to share your knowledge. One of the best ways to learn is to teach, and public speaking is exactly that…an opportunity to teach.

Public speaking is important because it helps you to improve your knowledge. The preparation that goes into a speech and the fact that you have to work out how to communicate to others effectively makes you understand your content that much better. By having the confidence and ability to speak in public you can differentiate yourself in the workforce. This could put you in line for the next promotion or keep your head off the chopping block when the next redundancy rolls around. By standing up in front of people and delivering a talk you can attract like minded people around you.

Seth Godin calls this a tribe and I think it is a great concept. You have come to this website because of words, videos and podcasts I have created and put out there. Hopefully you will stay and become a part of the tribe. By giving speeches you can help to build your own tribe of supporters. Leaders have people rallying around them. People who spend their lives to help the success of their leader.

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Public speaking is extremely important if your want to be a leader. People follow leaders who inspire them and leaders who communicate their ideas effectively. I hope this post has answered your question as to why public speaking is important. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis.