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Love Always, Your Tragedy by The Glass Child, released 19 November 1. I Gave My All 2. I Will Be Ok 3. Buy Digital Album name your price . Bass: Conal Herron Music, lyrics, production and all other instruments: Charlotte Eriksson.
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Nightmare Mono Single Version ". Retrieved 14 November The Fastest Lip on Vinyl.

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Retrieved 25 April I Want My Baby Back". The World's Worst Records: An Arcade of Audio Atrocity. The Demented Music Database. Recently, the song has been illustrated as a children's book. The lyrics were written by B. Robertson and the song is about something he went through. He lost his Dad and it's about the lack of communication between him and his father before he died.

There's also the irony of him having a baby just after losing his father. The song was written after Robertson's father died, 12 weeks before the birth of his own son. Say it loud, say it clear You can listen as well as you hear It's too late when we die To admit we don't see eye to eye. Stay With Me was written in a mere half hour. Sam Smith was in a studio with William Phillips and Jimmy Napes who were experimenting with chords on the piano and simple drum patterns.

Sam began layering his own voice samples until it all began to sound like a choir. Parts of that demo wound up on the final recording. And deep down I know this never works But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt. This is a song, basically um, another one of those few and rare occasions where a song came out very quickly and easily.

It was from pure emotion. Um, I watching a, a documentary called a 'Promise Kept' it was made in Canada. It was about this woman who uh, discovered her fiance was HIV positive and basically the story followed her and her husband.

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They got married, um, and he got progressively sicker and she took care of him right up until the end, and she was telling her story with just such, y'know, beautiful clarity and honesty and uh, it just, it struck home in a way that I, I couldn't really describe except by writing this song and I really feel like it's a, sort of a, something that came out of me through her. This is called 'Hold On. When Say Something was originally released, the song went completely unnoticed.

Upon first listen, The Way sounds like a happy track. This song was inspired by a news article about Lela and Raymond Howard, an elderly couple who had disappeared in Texas. The couple was on their way to a family reunion when they disappeared. The band imagined that the couple had begun reminiscing and decided to take off on their own romantic trip; however, the true story wasn't quite as romantic.

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Lela had Alzheimer's, and Raymond was recovering from brain surgery. They veered off the road in their Oldsmobile 88 and were found dead at the bottom of a canyon. In this song, Marc Anthony Thompson returns to the house where he grew up, to his childhood, and then tells the heartbreaking tale of his mother's Alzheimer condition. Hold on to both of her hands too afraid to let her go And five times exactly no more or no less She says 'how you been eating boy' Isa, okay I guess In this room where she made me each day she grows weak She flips on the Golden Girls and the first tear hits my cheek.

The album, especially its title track, was dedicated to his late father. A single tear measures 0. You see her when you close your eyes Maybe one day you'll understand why Everything you touch surely dies. In , it was covered by Johnny Cash to critical acclaim; it was one of Cash's final hit releases before his death. Its accompanying video featured images from Cash's life. Producer Rick Rubin, in an interview with Q Magazine, later said that he could not bring himself to listen to the recording for months after Cash died.

I wear this crown of thorns Upon my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair.

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This song was originally performed by Prince , but it wasn't until O'Connor's cover that the song gained a much larger audience. This break-up song has, through many polls and surveys, become known to make men cry. It's been so lonely without you here Like a bird without a song Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling Tell me baby where did I go wrong.

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Adele wrote Someone Like You after breaking up with her boyfriend of 18 months. But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it. I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded That for me it isn't over. In , British emotional support listening service The Samaritans, in response to the high suicide rate but low crisis service take-up amongst young men, launched a UK press advertising campaign consisting solely of the lyrics to Everybody Hurts and the charity's hotline number.

When your day is night alone, hold on, hold on If you feel like letting go, hold on If you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on. Originally written and performed by Tears for Fears, this song was described by bassist Curt Smith as the following.

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It's very much a voyeur's song. It's looking out at a mad world from the eyes of a teenager. Gary Jules' version is a stripped down cover that appeared on the soundtrack for the film Donnie Darko. Melancholia at its best. Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow, no tomorrow And I find it kinda funny I find it kinda sad The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had.

Take a look at the top 35 heartbreak songs. Had enough and want to cheer up? These are the most depressing sad songs ever recorded that will actually cheer you up. Here's a peak at our top saddest songs of all time—keep scrolling for the full list. Gary Jules - Mad World R. The dejection he was experiencing, in addition to prior drug use, led to emotional distress: And you give yourself away.

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This song has been--and will be--used as the soundtrack to melancholy moments: Lead singer Richard Ashcroft wrote the song in early ; in an interview at the time, he related it to his drug usage: So I put my arms around you around you And I know that I'll be leaving soon. Black is a soliloquy by a broken-hearted man who is remembering his absent lover.

Tell my wife I love her very much She knows. They'll never get hungry They'll never get old and gray.

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You can also listen to our list on Spotify. Note, not all songs are available on the platform. Share this article Text. Top 10 Crazy Music Myths. Top 10 Rainy Day Songs. Top 10 Catchiest Songs as proven by science. If you like The Glass Child, you may also like:. JOY by Paper Aeroplanes. My girfriend's surname is also Joy and the video shows a girl who is trapped in a labyrinth with her fears. My gf has seen the exact nightmare ever since she was young and she saw this nightmare until she was courage enough to face her demons.

You can't imagine how happy she was when she found this video.

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It meant a world to her so I didn't think twice and ordered 2 copies. Thank you so much, she feels so special after that! We both love your music very much! Pick Me is one of our faves. Floundering by Minnie Birch. I love this sparse, classy, beautifully understated arrangement but mostly it's Kate's vocals. Now with "Meadowlark" and sounding superb. Phillharmonics by Agnes Obel. Truly Gone by Angelo De Augustine. A pair of hushed and striking acoustic ballads from L.

Aileen Rae This feels a bit different from Charlotte's other music, which is usually hard-hitting and broken hearted. This has a gentler, more retrospective tone. There are twinges of regret of a life left behind, but overall, it's music to be played on a peaceful weekend day. Time Tore Us Apart. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.