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They're also creatively using digital activism. In , for instance, two women at Harvard's Graduate School of Design launched an online petition to retroactively award Denise Scott Brown a share of the Pritzker Architecture Prize bestowed solely on her husband and partner, Robert Venturi. That attracted attention from major news outlets, and this year the couple received the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects.

Art magazines and museums have organized Wikipedia "edit-a-thon" events that have produced scores of new articles on women in architecture. And unlike earlier eras of protest, young men are joining in the campaign for a more equitable profession, which they see as their issue too. Still, deep and lasting change won't happen without the help of professional organizations. The AIA's new Equity in Architecture Commission , created after a grass-roots resolution passed at last year's annual meeting, holds promise.

Its recommendations, due at the end of this year, are likely to call on the AIA to track the progress of women in architecture to better understand the attrition phenomenon and to formulate steps the association should take to support its stated commitment to diversity.

Although women represent nearly half of architecture students, women are underrepresented among faculty, especially in design branches. Course syllabuses also heavily favor men's work and writings, leaving students with the impression that women have contributed little of value. Public lecture series, which signal who is considered a respected authority, are overwhelmingly male.

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All these factors alienate young women seeking to enter the field. Public attitudes also need to change. Breen, Corinne Camarata, Linda L. Cornwell, Diane Driessen, Sharon B.

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Frover, Nina Lindsay, Florenz W. The View from Saturday by E. Bloom, Laurina Cashin, Ruth E. Isaacs, Susan Land, Jeanette C. Gold, Anne Lundin, Sue W.

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